RIM Manufacturing is a Custom Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) Company

Since 1979, RIM Manufacturing, LLC has specialized in custom Reaction Injection Molding and is one of the largest independently owned plants in the country. Located near Dallas-Fort Worth, our current facility resides on over three acres with more than 45,000 square feet of operating plant floor space. Over the years, our RIM company has grown significantly in size and capability and is also ISO 9001:2008 Certified for RIM Molding and Electro-Mechanical Assembly.

RIM Manufacturing and its employees take great pride, care, and effort in assisting our clients through each phase of the production process – part and CAD design, mold design and manufacturing, part production, secondary processing, painting and silk screening, assembly, packaging, and shipping.

Reaction Injection Molding is a process for making large, lightweight polyurethane parts. Using a high-pressure dispensing machine, low viscous liquid polymers are injected at low temperature (≅90°) and low-pressure (≅100 psi) into a heated aluminum mold (≅195°), where an exothermic reaction occurs (≅325°), and the part quickly cures inside the mold. Parts can be solid, elastomeric, rigid foam, or flexible foam.

Technical properties include: high impact, dimensional stability and strength, precise tolerances, wear and corrosive resistance, thermal insulation, electronically non-conductive, sound absorption, and naturally adhesive.

While the RIM process is generally slower than traditional Injection Molding, the design and flexibility benefits can offer larger, unique, superior and more cost effective parts.

The design benefit of Reaction Injection Molding is the process. As low viscous polymers enter and fill a mold at low temperature and low pressure, parts cure within several seconds to a couple of minutes. The slower cure cycle provides a variety of technical and aesthetic advantages: small to very large parts, structurally integrity, tight specification tolerances, deep draws, varied wall thickness, unique surface design, and the redesign of several parts into one part.

A unique design feature of Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) is Over-Molding, where a polyurethane RIM system encapsulates another material (e.g., metal, wood or glass) or part (e.g., circuitry, cable or valves).

The capital cost outlay for a RIM aluminum machined mold is generally 70% less than an Injection Molding steel mold. The lead-time to production is also considerably less and potential future mold modifications are easier to incorporate and less expensive. Furthermore, a RIM mold experiences little wear, because of the low pressure and low viscosity process, and; therefore, may never need to be replaced.

A RIM Part cost is very competitive versus other polyurethane processes. RIM can offer significant cost savings when a part: is large, requires structural integrity, has unusual or complex geometry, requires tight tolerances, is improved by over-molding, or is a consolidation of several previous parts into one part.